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Sample sized packs of some of our most popular products for only £5 each!

5 pieces of 20mg CBD hard candy – Small hard candy cubes containing high quality CBD, 20mg per cube. Available in a variety of delicious, fruity flavours.

5ml CBD balm – An amazingly versatile balm that was originally created as a CBD tattoo maintenance cream. Can also be used as a personal lubricant, a massage balm, lip balm, or soothing balm.

5ml CBD pressure point roller – This CBD pressure point roller is a rich and calming blend. It includes almond oil infused with CBD with sweet lavender and peppermint essential oils to relax even the most tense.

10ml CBD massage oil – Made with the finest almond oil, this CBD infused massage oil combines the power of essential oils and hemp. It promotes tension release, blood flow and relaxation.

10g CBD infused mint tea – Loose leaf CBD infused tea. The mint flavour is delicate, minty and chill. Works as a digestive aid and is perfect for reflaxing on a hot summers day.

This product contains 0% THC and is extracted from industrial hemp. Packaging may vary, images shown are representative only.

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These products contain 0% THC and are extracted from industrial hemp.

All our products are created with local, ethically sourced ingredients. From our sun grown Swiss hemp to our cruelty free and vegan colourings and sweeteners. We choose the cleanest products and strains to give you the best possible products.

As all our products, including these CBD sample packs, are handmade and packaged in house, we are always in control of what goes out the door. Our small team of highly trained staff are solely focused on your benefiting from the products. Please note we are currently in a transitional period between branding. We’re in the process of taking photos of our new packaging and these should be uploaded as soon as possible. Due to environmental concerns regarding wastage of packaging materials, your products may arrive with either LivLate Edibles or LuxCBD branding.

All products are third party tested so as a result you can rest assured that that you are getting the best quality product.

It is important that we keep transparency with our customers and make sure they are always getting the best product they can. We decided to keep our product line as simple as possible. We are trying to make CBD easy to understand and there is nothing easy about having to choose between 100 different products to find one that suits you, so we chose sweet things.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, these products will be a question of what you want to taste rather than what the product can give you!

Because of the high quality and consistency of the CBD, the mg per product on the package is the mg per product in the package. We like things to be clear for you.


  • Enhancing mental and physical well-being
  • Helping to relieve joint stiffness
  • Helping to maintain calmness
  • Promoting a healthy sleep cycle
  • Supporting a normal inflammatory response
  • Promoting mental clarity
  • Allowing ease of movement
  • Aiding the body in recovery

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5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Fruit Mix flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Black Cherry, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Blackcurrant & Menthol flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Mango & Passion Fruit flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Mojito flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Peach flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Pink Lemonade flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Sour Apple flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Sour Blue Raspberry flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Strawberry & Watermelon flavour, 5 pieces 20mg hard candy – Sweet Pear flavour, 5ml balm, 5ml pressure point roller, 10ml massage oil, 10g mint tea


Shea butter, Coconut Oil infused with CBD, Vitamin E oil, carnuba wax


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